Untitled-2A new icon for the Ubuntu Software Center has landed in Raring. 

The ‘angled non-branded bag of exploding apps’ design has been swapped for a sleeker front-on view carrying an ‘A’ emblem.

Fact fans will know that this is only the third redesign of the Software Center logo. The out-going design faced a barrage of criticism on its arrival – it’ll be interesting to see if such strong feelings greet this latest version.


Much like the new Nautilus and Software Updater icons recently added, the new Software Center icon was also previewed late last year.

Canonical’s hiring of famed community icon maker Matthieu James signalled the start of Ubuntu’s icon revamp late last year.

Quite how far work has progressed on this – and the long rumoured GTK theme update – is unknown.

Indeed, with Ubuntu Touch now firmly in focus, its convergent, multi-device spanning future invariably means that the future of Ubuntu’s desktop icons are going to be very closely tied to those on the phone and tablet…

The Changing Face of the Ubuntu Software Center's Icon...
The Changing Face of the Ubuntu Software Center’s Icon…
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