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Ubuntu Software Centre To Be Replaced in 16.04 LTS

The Ubuntu Software Centre is to be replaced in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

4 November 2015

App Grid Ubuntu Software Center Alternative Gets Stylish New Look

The popular alternative to the Ubuntu Software Centre, App Grid, has been updated with an improved look and layout.

29 July 2014
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App Management Quicklist for Unity

As the editor of an Ubuntu-based website it's no surprise that I am continually having to add, edit and remove packages and repositories from my install. To help my - and others - work-flow Linux Deepin developer Bhawani Singh has crafted together a Unity quick-list that puts right-click access to the following package management apps via an item in the Unity launcher.

30 January 2012
Deepin Software Centre in Ubuntu

[How to] Run the Linux Deepin Software Centre in Ubuntu 11.10

Were it an actual physical place then the Linux Deepin Software Centre would surely take the form of a high-end department store. With a custom look, an easy to navigate layout, and a number of intuitive features the Deepin Software Centre makes Ubuntu's default store look a bit... last season. So keep up with the trends: here's how to run the Deepin Software Centre in Ubuntu 11.10...

4 January 2012
LD Software Centre

Linux Deepin Software Centre to be made Available for Ubuntu

Ubuntu users envious of Chinese Linux distro’s slickly-styled ‘Software Centre’ won’t nee to be green-eyed for too long: it’s coming to Ubuntu. Aenon Sun, an employee of the company who support the Ubuntu-based distro, left […]

21 December 2011
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Is This the Best Software Store on Linux?

We take a look at the Linux Deepin Software Centre - an application that is as user-friendly as it is beautiful.

20 December 2011
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The New Ubuntu Software Centre Icon: Is It really That Bad?

The new Ubuntu Software Centre icon present in Ubuntu 11.10 seems to have few fans - but is it really that bad?

2 September 2011
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Ubuntu 11.10 Update: New Software Centre Icon, Unity Changes, Window Controls, More

With the Ubuntu 11.10 User Interface and Beta freeze happening on the same day it was inevitable that a lot of updates would be firing out of the update canon thick and fast. Rather than bore you with too much exposition why don't we dive right on in and take a gander and some of the most notable changes Ubuntu 11.10 is snow sporting...

25 August 2011

Indie Game ‘BEEP’ Enters Ubuntu Software Centre At $9.99

Physics-based platform game BEEP has finally been launched for sale in the Ubuntu Software Centre priced at $9.99.

24 July 2011
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Ubuntu Software centre changes planned for Oneiric

Plans on improving the Ubuntu Software Centre on Ubuntu 11.10 have been outlined at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest this morning.

13 May 2011
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Steel Storm Episode 2 hits the Software Center, we go hands on with the top-down shooter

Steel Storm Episode 2: Burning Retribution hit the Ubuntu Software Center For Purchase section today and I gave it a bit of a whirl. The original Steel Storm game released last year by indie developers Kot-in-Action had positive reviews, with a distinguishable style, fun and familiar gameplay and lovely artwork and textures that made for a pleasant experience. So what's Episode 2 like?

12 May 2011
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‘Test Drive’ offers install-free app try-outs in Ubuntu 11.04

Amongst the never-ending-list-of-really-cool-features new in Ubuntu 11.04 is 'Test Drive' - a new Software Centre feature that allows you to try applications without installing them.

27 March 2011