Plans on improving the Ubuntu Software Centre on Ubuntu 11.10 have been outlined at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Budapest this morning.

Faster start-up times, refined visuals making use of larger icons, and Unity Launcher integration are all tacked for inclusion.

List view changes mooted include displaying an applications’ price; the application detail pane could get multiple screenshots, and maybe even videos.

System requirements may be introduced to ‘help avoid people purchasing a game for which their system is not capable of running acceptably’.

Issues marked in the Software Centre
Some current issues in the Software Centre

The ability to sort/order available applications by star rating, so ‘good rated apps come first’, was also highlighted as an important change needed.

Also targeted are adding ‘Synaptic Package Manager’ features that are not currently available via the Ubuntu Software Centre. In another usability change ‘offline’ uninstallation/installation of applications will be permitted by use of a ‘Queue’, which completes upon an internet connection being established.

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