As the editor of an Ubuntu-based website it’s no surprise that I am continually having to add, edit and remove packages and repositories from my install.

In theory Ubuntu’s Software Center should be the only tool I need to do any of this; the Software Center can install and remove apps, has a menu entry for Software Sources, etc.

In reality I use a variety of different tools for different purposes. For example, I find hunting out libraries and development packages much quicker in Synaptic Package Manager than in the Software Center. Similarly I prefer Deepin Software Center’s visual approach for casual app browsing.

To help my – and others – work-flow Linux Deepin developer Bhawani Singh has crafted together a Unity quick-list that puts right-click access to the following package management apps via an item in the Unity launcher.

The default behaviour of the app item isn’t changed; clicking on the icon still opens the Ubuntu Software Center.

Want the quicklist? Download the .desktop file below by hitting the button, move it to a safe location then drag and drop it on to the Unity Launcher.


Download deepin linuxdeepin software center