Physics-based platform game BEEP has finally been launched for sale in the Ubuntu Software Centre priced at $9.99.

Beep in the Ubuntu Software Centre

BEEP, a ‘high-definition physics-based platformer’ in which the player explores a virtual solar system using a small robot, was announced for release on Linux back in Ma, and was made available via Linux games platform ‘Gameolith’ early last week.

In announcing the launch the developers behind BEEP, Big Fat Alien, were enthusiastic about the great potential the Ubuntu Software Centre offers developers: –

“Canonical has created a fantastic digital distribution toolset… Deploying paid software in Ubuntu is now a no-brainer.

Software is really difficult to make. The last thing a small ISV needs is to complicate their business with distribution/publishing issues. The Software Center provides very real solutions for our industry.”

BEEP can be purchased from the ‘Paid Software’ section of the Ubuntu Software Centre.

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