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Linux Screencasting Tool Kazam Goes Gstreamer, Adds PulseAudio Support

The Kazam Screen-recording tool is currently undergoing a through refit - and adding some awesome new features along the way.

2 January 2012

Tibesti screencasting tool for Linux

Tibesti is a 'simple screencasting' tool for Linux that allows you to record your desktop, speaker output and microphone at the same time, rendering output to the file type of your choice.

6 December 2010
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Linux screencasting tool ‘Kazam’ updates, gains bug fixes galore

Screencasting made simple is the ethos behind Linux screen-recording tool 'Kazam' and the latest release sees it hammer home this point with improved features and a veritable genocide of bug fixes.

14 October 2010
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Screenkey desktop recording tool displays key presses on screen

Screenkey display key presses on-screen, making it a perfect foil for use in 'how-to' or tutorial videos.

5 October 2010
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Kazam Screencasting tool 0.1 released – the bar just got raised

Kazam screencasting tool has released it's first version - and boy am I impressed. We first introduced Kazam back in June of this year under the title 'making screencasting tools modern'. At the time we were immensely impressed with not only the idea but the beautiful execution in design proposed for the application. Sadly the design was just that - a design. Until today.

5 September 2010
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OMG Video: Desktop Recording in Ubuntu – No Sammich For You!

While on vacation this last month, I gathered up all the requests for Ubuntu help and advice that I have received over a year or so and decided I would attack them here by popularity. […]

13 August 2010
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Kazam – making screencasting tools modern

One thing I love particularly about the Open Source community is the desire to continually improve ever aspect of the desktop – from icons to apps. This isn’t driven by the desire to increase profits (an incentive […]

29 June 2010