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OMG Video: Desktop Recording in Ubuntu – No Sammich For You!

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

While on vacation this last month, I gathered up all the requests for Ubuntu help and advice that I have received over a year or so and decided I would attack them here by popularity.

The most popular “request” was.. sudo make me a sandwich (alternately, sammich)

Sorry guys, you need my private key to ssh in as root ;-)

The second most popular request is: How do you capture your desktop in Ubuntu?

Here’s two ways of capturing your computer screen – Easy and Challenge Mode:

To answer that I have put together a video tutorial which helps people learn the easy way to do desktop recording (gtk-recordmydesktop), and the more difficult way I do it, using ffmpeg from the terminal.

You will probably notice that I did not record sound in this tutorial – I used Audacity to narrate the desktop captures during the editing process.

I hope you enjoy and find this useful, and I owe many thanks to FakeOutdoorsman and andrew.46 from the Ubuntu forums for making this possible.

Which method did you know? The easy, the difficult, or both ways?