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screenkey key presses

ScreenKey Shows Keyboard Presses on Screen in Ubuntu

If you’re a screencaster or a YouTube video maker you’ll know how useful it can be to show which keys you’re pressing on your screen, as you press them. When running the app displays key presses […]

6 July 2020

Peek, the GIF Screen Recorder for Linux, Has Been Updated

Peek is one of my favourite bits of software. I don't use it often but when I do use it, I always appreciate how perfectly formed it is.

24 September 2019

Instantly Screen Record on Ubuntu Using this Hidden Feature

The GNOME Shell screen recorder is a hidden feature available on Ubuntu and other Linux distros. It's super easy to use – in this post we show you how.

9 June 2018
green recorder 3.0 screenshot

Green Recorder 3.0 Released, Lets You Export Screen Recordings to GIF

A new version of the Wayland compatible screen recording tool Green Recorder has been released. Green Recorder 3.0 adds a number of notable new features that help bring it parity with other screen recorder tools that […]

6 August 2017
green recorder 2.0 screenshot

Green Recorder 2.0 Released, Lets You Screen Record Wayland

Green Recorder 2.0 has been released. The desktop screen recording app picks up a number of new features, including Wayland support and the ability to record a specific section of your desktop.

5 March 2017

Simple Screen Recorder Is Now Available as a Snap App (Updated)

SImple Screen Recorder, a popular screen recording app for Linux desktops, is now available to install as a Snap app from the Ubuntu Store.

21 February 2017

A Lightweight Screen Recorder for Linux (Updated)

Want to record your Ubuntu desktop for a screencast, video tutorial, or bug report? I highly recommend giving Green Recorder a shot. Green Recorder is a minimal yet perfectly functional desktop screen recorder app for Ubuntu. It’s built […]

10 February 2017

A New Version of SimpleScreenRecorder Has Been Released

A new version of Simple Screen Recorder, a powerful desktop screen capture programme for Linux, premiered earlier this month. It is the first update to the app in almost a year. SimpleScreenRecorder 0.3.x adds support for the latest FFmpeg/libav libraries, […]

10 November 2016

Simple Screen Recorder Makes Screencasting on Linux Easy

Whether you're wanting to make a video tutorial, capture an interface quirk for a bug report, or looking to show off your gaming prowess, there are a bunch of screen-recording tools available for Ubuntu.

28 December 2013
Placeholder koala image

CamDesk for Linux Adds ‘Webcam Window’ to the Desktop

There are many ways to spice up the traditional screencast, the most popular of which is to display a small rectangular window of yourself via your webcam, as you narrate. This method is not everyone's cup of tea, but it does add personality to otherwise perfunctory medium.

9 October 2012
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[How To] Record And Share Terminal Screencasts Quickly

Recording and sharing your terminal activity with other people is now as easy as running a command. And it's all thanks to Shelr - a small command line tool that is able to record and replay terminal activity and also publish it to the website for others to see.

7 April 2012
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Help Test New Screen-Recording App ‘Eidete’

A new elementary-style screencasting tool is seeking wider testing. Eidete, which is in heavy development, makes use of elementary project technologies like Granite and Contractor. The result is an application that's simple, featured and a snap to use.

6 January 2012