A new version of the Wayland compatible screen recording tool Green Recorder has been released.

Green Recorder 3.0 adds a number of notable new features that help bring it parity with other screen recorder tools that are available on Linux, including the ability to export screen captures to GIF. If the (seriously wonderful) Peek doesn’t sate your animated screenshot tastes, you now have another option.

The addition of an option to select an audio input source before recording is another nice add-in in this release. If you like to narrate your screen recordings this feature will be especially handy.

The Preferences window now lets you customise various different default values related to recording, including the pipeline, output folder, and recording delay.

A play button has been added to the main UI to allow easily playback of a recorded video or GIF.

These join the major improvements added in the previous stable release, which included Wayland support, ‘follow mouse’ behaviour, and recording a custom selection of the screen.

Install Green Recorder 3.0 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS +

green recorder 3.0 on ubuntu 17.04
Green Recorder 3.0 running on Ubuntu 17.04 — I don’t know why it’s so wide…

Now for the slightly annoying bit: the old Green Recorder PPA is no longer being used to distribute updates to this the app. To upgrade you’ll need to switch to a add another PPA. This is unfortunate and a little short-sighted. The majority of Green Recorder users won’t know that there is an update available unless they go looking to learn of one — which most won’t.

The sooner Snaps & Flatpak render extraneous repository moot, the better!

Fussing aside, you can add the PPA to your Software Sources on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (and above) by running this command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:fossproject/ppa

Followed by this command to refresh your package list and install the app/upgrade the app:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install green-recorder

Once everything has installed neatly you’ll be able to launch the app from your app menu/screen/launcher of choice.

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