A Snap version of the popular Linux screen recording app Simple Screen Recorder is now available.

Until now installing the latest version of this nifty utility involved adding the project’s official PPA and installing the app from there. Not so with Snaps, the distro-agnostic application packaging, sandboxing, distributing and seemingly everythingelseing format that’s being developed (chiefly) by Canonical to power its next-gen ambitions.

A few caveats from an initial hands on: the Snap version doesn’t detect Qt theming settings (which the PPA version does), doesn’t ship with any pre-set profiles (which the PPA version does), and doesn’t integrate with the system tray area for easy stop/pause/starting (which the PPA version does).

These issues are now fixed in the latest Snap release of Simple Screen Recorder.

But, despite those drawbacks, it works just as you’d expect — and very well!

I certainly didn’t notice a perceptible difference when viewing identical recordings, one made with the regular version and the other with the Snap version (so I only uploaded the Snap version):

For anyone curious, the Snap’d version of this app requires the following permissions. All are fairly self explanatory:

  • Home
  • X11
  • Mir
  • Opengl
  • Unity7
  • Browser Support
  • Alsa
  • Pulseaudio

If you’re keen to try the app for yourself, you can. So long as you’re running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS or later you can install the Snap from the Ubuntu Software app by searching for ‘Simple Screen Recorder’. If you also have the Simple Screen Recorder PPA installed you can identify the Snap easily: it’ll be the one you don’t have installed ;)

Alternatively you can install Simple Screen Recorder from the command line by running the following Snap command:

sudo snap install simplescreenrecorder-mardy

For more details on the app you can check out its page on uAppExplorer.

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