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photosphere image viewer ubuntu

View 360 Panorama Photos on Ubuntu with this Image Viewer Plugin

The view from the top of Glastonbury Tor is breathtaking. You can see for miles and miles across multiple counties in a stunning 360-degree panorama. When I visited I (naturally) couldn’t resist trying to capture the impressive view. Wanting […]

5 February 2017
adobe flash linux logo

Adobe Has Decided To Support Flash Player on Linux Again

Adobe has announced that it plans to start supporting Adobe Flash for Linux — 4 years after it abandoned Flash on Linux.

5 September 2016
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‘WebMenu’ Adds Handy Web Links to Rhythmbox

WebMenu is a new Rhythmbox plugin that takes the pain out of finding artist, album, or song info online. For example, when listening to music on shuffle I often come across that I haven't heard from in a while. With WebMenu enabled I can press CTRL+W; right click on a track; or use the HUD to instantly open up their page on Wikipedia to see what they're up to.

29 August 2012
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Handy Plugin to Sync Last.FM Playcount With Rhythmbox

Sync your play counts on Last.FM to your Rhythmbox music collection. The following plugin updates Rhythmbox with a track's playcount from That way, regardless of where or what you scrobble your music from your playcounts in Rhythmbox will remain up-to-date.

29 December 2011
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GEdit Dash Plugin Released

Just a short update to those who helped Seif with Gedit stats earlier this week: his wdashboard overview start page for Gedit is available to download.

3 November 2011
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‘Paste Bin It’ Plugin For Tomboy Notes App Makes Sharing Text Snippets Simpler

You need to share some lengthy terminal output, a bizarre conversation or other block of text or others to see. E-Mail is too much effort, creating, saving and sending a file attachment is over-kill but pasting it the chat room or IM window is just going flood it. What to do? PasteBinIt from Tomboy Notes!

23 June 2011
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Control playback in Totem movie player by clapping (no, seriously)

It'll feel like the future (albeit that lame, not quite awesome future as depicted in late 1980s hollywood films) but with one plugin you can use 'clapping' to control playback of media in Ubuntu's default media player Totem. "Far out!"

25 April 2011
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Album Art Search plug-in for Rhythmbox

Search for missing album artwork directly from Rhythmbox using the following ‘AlbumArtSearch‘ plug-in. The add-on searches the web for album art/images of the currently playing song. From the resulting images, one can be set as […]

4 October 2010
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Coverflow plug-in for Rhythmbox

Longing for a visually impressive way of browsing your music library in Rhythmbox? Can you say 'Coverflow time'!

16 September 2010
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Fullscreen Rhythmbox Plug-in – Your parties just got slicker

Whether you’re hosting a party with Rhythmbox providing the boom box duties or sat on your bed reading the latest Farscape comic and wanting to chill out with some ambiance the following fullscreen addon for […]

29 July 2010
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Scrobble to via rhythmbox

Scrobble Rhythmbox plays to your Libre.Fm account using the ScrobbleFree Rhythmbox plug-in. Libre.Fm is a free and open-source replacement for founded in 2009, and still under development, the service was forged on the principle […]

5 July 2010
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Get Safari’s new ‘reader’ feature in Chrome & Firefox

Apple pushed out Safari 5 earlier today. With it came a new feature called ‘Reader’ that, in the words of Apple themselves,: – “…removes annoying ads and other visual distractions from online articles. So you […]

8 June 2010