web-menu for Rhythmbox

WebMenu is a new Rhythmbox plugin that takes the pain out of finding artist, album, or song info online.

The plugin allows you to easily do the following:

  • Search the current playing/selected song on Youtube
  • Search the currently playing/selected album on Wikipedia, Grooveshark, Amazon, and more
  • Search the artist on Wikipedia, Last.fm, Facebook, Myspace, and more
  • Open the artist’s official website.

Chances are you won’t have need for all of the options WebMenu provides. The ‘Options’ pane lets you edit, rearrange, and assigned keyboard shortcuts to the various ‘web’ services.

You can also add your own.

Web Menu Options

Use Cases

Will you find it useful? That depends on you. For me personally WebMenu shortens several things I often do when listening to music.

For example, when listening to music on shuffle I often come across that I haven’t heard from in a while. With WebMenu enabled I can press CTRL+W; right click on a track; or use the HUD to instantly open up their page on Wikipedia to see what they’re up to.

The same applies for tracks whose music video I haven’t yet seen, or acts whose Last.FM stats I’m interested in looking at.

Download WebMenu for Rhythmbox

WebMenu for Rhythmbox can be downloaded from the developers GitHub page.

WebMenu for Rhythmbox Download Page

How to Install WebMenu for Rhythmbox

Installing WebMenu is a little finicky, but easy enough.

Once you have download the .tar.gz package from the link above you need to right-click on it and choose ‘Extract Here’. 

You will now have a folder titled ‘WebMenu’.

Inside this is a file named ‘install.sh’. Double-click on this file, choosing the ‘Open with Terminal’ option when prompted.

In the Terminal you’ll need to enter your password in order to allow the plugin to install. Once completed open Rhythmbox >Plugins and enable (check the box next to) ‘Web Menu’.

Thanks to Andrea Franco

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