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Never Miss a Desktop Notification Again With This Indicator

Hate missing desktop notifications on Ubuntu? Well, with the Recent Notifications indicator you don’t need to. This handy tool collects and collates all desktop notifications you receive, regardless of whether you see them or not. Then, with […]

18 December 2016
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Snaps Can Now Integrate With Unity 7 Desktop Features

A number of welcome desktop integration features arrive in the latest ‘micro release’ of Snappy. Snapd 2.0.5 enables software packaged in the new format to display indicator applets in the system tray and deliver native system notifications. Improved support […]

31 May 2016

Make Firefox Use Native Linux Notifications in Unity, XFCE And GNOME Shell

Want to make Firefox use Ubuntu system notifications instead of its own pop-up bubbles? This free Firefox add-on offers exactly that.

3 February 2014
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[How to] Never Miss an Ubuntu Notification

Have you ever missed a notification pop-up in Ubuntu? That's where this 'Recent Notifications' applet comes into play. The service it provides is simple enough: it logs all notifications that show up on your screen - whether you act on them or not.

18 March 2012
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Never miss a birthday again with Birthday-Aware for Ubuntu

Trying to keep tabs on everybody's birthdays is a pain if, like me, your brain tends to shelve dates away in a dusty box rarely to be accessed... Hallelujah then for Birthday-Aware - a small python application that uses Ubuntu's Notification bubbles to remind you of approaching birthdays.

16 March 2011
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Receive Ubuntu Desktop Notifications on your iPhone with Pronto

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners need never miss an Ubuntu desktop notification again with Pronto: an Ubuntu notification forwarding system for iOS.

11 March 2011
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Chromify-OSD gives Chrome web apps native Notifications in Ubuntu

A new extension for Chrome enables Ubuntu users to receive Chrome notifications using Ubuntu's default desktop notification system

16 February 2011
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‘NotifyLog’ Aims to Never Let You Miss Ubuntu Notifications

Ever been frustrated at just missing a notification bubble in Ubuntu by a split second? Log 'em with NotifyLog.

16 February 2011
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Natty pimps audio call requests

Audio call requests made via Empathy are to receive some long over due 'pimping' in Ubuntu 11.04. Here's a video of them in action.

13 February 2011
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Ubuntu One in Natty gets notification-savvy

It may not have an Indicator icon on the panel like Dropbox does, but that doesn't mean that you won't be notified by Ubuntu One about what it's up to, with your files.

12 February 2011
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Android Desktop Notifier: How it could be that little bit more awesome

Being a forgetful so-and-so I find Android Desktop Notifier to be an invaluable app. I do think it could be a little bit better though, and here's how.

3 January 2011
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Easily Integrate Thunderbird into the Ubuntu Messaging Menu

Thunderbird users seeking out native notifications and interactive integration with their Ubuntu desktop need look no further than this neat add-on.

26 September 2010