gnotifier for firefox

Firefox may be the default browser in many Linux distributions but it’s far from being the most tightly integrated. 

For all its open-source charm Firefox does not use native system notifications on any of the leading Linux desktops, instead using its own in-browser dialogs.

These pop-ups are useful enough for most users. But the pedants pursuing the perfect desktop experience, an alternative solution is available.

GNotifier for Firefox

GNotifier is a small add-on for Firefox that passes in-browser alerts to the default notification system.

It integrates with Unity, KDE, GNOME or XFCE. For example, on Ubuntu, you’ll see a Notify-OSD bubble when a download completes, or a browser restart is required.

To work, the add-on requires the libnotify package to be installed. This is included out-of-the-box on Ubuntu, but other distros and desktops may vary so make sure to check beforehand.

Installing GNotifier

As a free, optional extra, this extensions is a nice touch and works as intended. It’s ideal for anyone looking to keep on top of their downloads.

GNotifier is a free extension for Firefox and is available direct from the Mozilla Add-Ons website.

GNotifier Add-On For Firefox

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