iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users need never miss an Ubuntu desktop notification again with Pronto: an Ubuntu-to-iOS forwarding system for app alerts.

How it works

The python-written Pronto listens out for new notifications on DBUS – the service used by applications to ‘talk’ to one another. Pronto ‘captures’ any desktop notifications made using this and forwards them to your iOS device where they are displayed using Prowl – the iOS version of OS X notification app ‘Growl’.

The following three screenshots walk you through the process. In the first a notification is made (in this case, manually.)

Pronto automatically ‘forwards’ the notification to Prowl on iOS:

What state is the app in?

The (relatively) disappointing bit comes when trying to run the application. It currently lacks a GUI or menu launcher, relying requiring the service and daemon needed for notification forwarding to work to be launched manually.

The good news is that a GUI is planned, along with an Application-Indicator. The application may also be rewritten in Vala.


The code is available from github.com/luqmana/Pronto – hit the ‘Downloads’ button to grab a neatly zipped archive.

Note that inorder for Pronto to work you will also need a free API key from Prowl.

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