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Customize the Ubuntu Notification bubbles

Ever wanted to change colour, font or position of the Ubuntu 'bubble' Nofitications? Using NotifyOSD Config - you can!

2 June 2010
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Change Notification Bubble Colours In Karmic

Ubuntu Forum user genaroneto has posted an excellent tutorial on how to change the colour of the Notification bubbles in Karmic to one of your choosing. I won’t re-print the entire tutorial here as it’s […]

13 January 2010
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How To Enable Ubuntu Notifications In Kubuntu

Kubuntu users will finally be able to use Ubuntu’s notification system in Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala. Jonathan over at ConservativeTechie has posted a sweet guide on how to enable them in Kubuntu 9.10 ” as […]

16 September 2009
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Karmic’s Notification Changes

Ubuntu’s notification system will see several improvements and changes for it’s inclusion in Karmic. The most notable and obvious of these is will be its appearance. The large rectangular pop-up’s of Jaunty are replaced with […]

13 September 2009