tux birthdayIf you’re a big fan of Linux then you’ll know that today, August 25, is pretty special.

Legendary, in fact.

For it was 25 years ago today that Linus Torvalds, father of Linux, sat in front of his computer to make a small announcement about his ‘hobby’ operating system.

In an unassuming and deferential post shared with the Minix newsgroup, Linus gave birth to the project we know today as Linux.

Linux Has More Than One Birthday

I’m not calling Tux a queen, but like Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, he has more than one birthday.

Some choose to mark the anniversary of the first stable release, while others, including the Linux Foundation, see today as the “official birthday” of Linux.

Linus himself says he doesn’t mind which people celebrate. But who wouldn’t mind an excuse to have two birthday cakes a year!

Small project, massive impact

linux infographic on 25th birthday

Little did Linus realise back in 1991 that his small ‘hobby’ OS that wasn’t going to be ‘big and professional’ would end up changing the pace, shape and history of computing as we know it.

In 1991, Linux was developed with the intention of supporting just one type of computer. In 2016, Linux runs on pretty much everything, from laptops to airport terminals, from smartphones to games consoles, from watches to toasters to smart fridges and smart light bulbs.

Pervasive. Permeating. Perennial — that’s Linux!

So next time you pull your Android phone out of your pocket, share a selfie on Instagram, or gush over images from the Mars ‘Curiosity’ Rover, be sure to whisper ‘Happy 25th Anniversary’ to Linux.

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