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I don’t drive, so self-driving cars should be right up my one-way street, right?

I can’t feign interest. I’m not a particularly mechanical person, barring a brief spurt of Moto-X (the sport, not the handset) at the turn of the decade. I don’t even like Top Gear.

I know, I should hand in my British passport!

Anyway, the reason for my pathetic preface is that I’m having to write 250 words around a video of a self driving vehicle, specifically the Tesla Model S.

Tesla is said to be launching a new version of Autopilot, its semi-autonomous driving tech, very soon, equipped with an array of new sensors and cameras. Fred Lambert of Eletrek.co has been sharing some great scoops on the when, what and why.

Among them is a post featuring two videos that off a “glimpse at Tesla Autopilot 2.0 capabilities with a Bosch Model S prototype“.

The German electronics company Bosch supplies Tesla’s radar equipment, and has its own autonomous vehicle program based on the Tesla Model S so that it can test its systems.

While petrolheads voltage heads will be interested in the new autonomous capabilities, Ubuntu fans may be more interested in the OS that’s used to help test it…

As I can’t tell a Ford from a Skoda, I’ll venture nothing in way of opinion about anything in the above video, for fear of sounding as ill-informed as a General Consumer™ describing “tablet technology”.

I also don’t expect any of you reading this to be surprised by the appearance of Ubuntu. As mentioned on our list of 25 awesome things that run Linux, Linux gets everywhere, including under the hood — *big wink* — of advanced automotive awesomeness.

I’m relieved that the only windows in self-driving cars are of the glass variety!

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