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A New ‘KDE Control Centre’ Widget Inspired by iOS

Like the look of the macOS and iOS control centre and want something similar for your KDE Plasma desktop? Well, you're in luck with this new KDE widget.

28 October 2022
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Librem One Campaign Will De-Google Your Life for $7.99/m

Purism announce a suite of privacy focused mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, including a encrypted VPN and chat client, and a private e-mail service.

30 April 2019

Why Siri in iOS 9 Validates the Design of Ubuntu Phone

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but Apple's introduction of Siri Suggestions is more than flattering — it's a sign Canonical is ahead of the curve.

9 June 2015

Is iOS 8 Spotlight Search Similar to the Ubuntu Dash?

If you've played with iOS 8 you might have spotted a new feature in Spotlight that is very similar to a key part of the Ubuntu desktop.

25 September 2014

iPad ‘Not Charging’ from USB on Ubuntu? Here’s How to Fix It

Following on from an earlier article helping you mount an iOS 7-toting iPad, iPhone or iPod on Ubuntu, we’re back with a proto-fix for another Apple issue affecting Linux users: intermittent USB charging.

5 April 2014

How To Fix iPad and iPhone ‘Trust’ Bug On Ubuntu

Trust issues are stumping Apple fans trying to connect their iOS 7-toting iPads and iPhones to recent versions of Ubuntu. Here's how to (possibly) fix it.

7 March 2014
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‘WebNotes’ – An Ubuntu One Notes App for iOS

If you're an iPhone user who uses Ubuntu One then the following new App might be of interest. WebNotes is a note-taking application for iOS (nothing special about that) that uses Ubuntu One as its sync service (something very special about that).

12 August 2012
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Ubuntu One Music App Comes to iPhone

The Ubuntu One Music Streaming app for iPhone is now available for download.

15 August 2011
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Ubuntu Faenza theme for iOS

Yesterday we shared word Joe Steiger's awesome Ubuntu Unity Android theme. Whilst the theme proved popular with a great many of you - becoming one of our most tweeted posts for May - a number of you wished there was something similar for non-Android devices.

25 May 2011
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Receive Ubuntu Desktop Notifications on your iPhone with Pronto

iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners need never miss an Ubuntu desktop notification again with Pronto: an Ubuntu notification forwarding system for iOS.

11 March 2011