If you’re an iPhone user who uses Ubuntu One then the following new App might be of interest.

WebNotes is a note-taking application for iOS (nothing special about that) that uses Ubuntu One as its sync service (something very special about that).

The UI isn’t the most polished but functionality wise the app seems to have everything else covered, supporting:

  • Text formatting
  • Tomboy Tags
  • Note conflict preferences
  • Choose to sync on start, close or save
As the application relies on Ubuntu One for sync you do need to have an Ubuntu One account (they’re free).

But is it any good? Does it work?

I can’t vouch for that as I’m not in possession of an iPhone. But reader Sascha Peter has tried it and tells us:

First release seems a little unstable (sometimes the button for creating a new note is missing after launching.


Nevertheless, it is great to have the possibility to sync notes without having to use Evernote or another service.

webNotes is available from the Apple App Store for the princely sum of nothing.

Thanks to Sascha

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