Yesterday we shared word Joe Steiger’s awesome Ubuntu Unity Android theme. Whilst the theme proved popular with a great many of you – becoming one of our most tweeted posts for May – a number of you wished there was something similar for non-Android devices.

Below is a new Ubuntu-esque ‘Faenza’ theme for iOS devices, put together by Alfonso C.M. It’s not strictly a “unity” theme, and it lacks some of the cute touches that Steiger’s theme boasted, but if nevertheless looks like a great way to extend your love of Ubuntu onto your mobile device.

Ubuntu themed iOS lockscreen Faenza icons in iOS

Alfonso writes (courtesy of Google translate!): –

“Many are dedicated to giving Ubuntu an aspect of Mac OSX but I wanted to do the reverse, giving the appearance of iOS beloved operating system for novice Linux users and / or lovers of the philosophy of “Linux for Human beings”…”

It’s a noble aim, and one that scores an impressive hit.

Coming June 1st

Applying the theme will require a rooted iOS device and some the ‘Cydia’ store installed from which it will be available to download on June 1st. We’ll give you a poke when it’s online ready.

Whilst the author created the theme for his iPod Touch he says it will also work on an iPhone.

Alfonso via fcabargas

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