The Ubuntu One Music Streamingapp for iPhone is now availablefordownload.

The Ubuntu One Music app allows users with music stored in their Ubuntu One account to listen to those tracks ontheir iPhones, iPods and iPad.

The application itself blends a sleek interface with all of the features you’d expect; you can browse/search tracks by artist, album, or song title; you can make playlists; and the usual combo of skip/shuffle/repeatfunctionsgive you great playback control.

The app is also able to cache tracks for offline listening and supports Apple’s AirPlay technology.

The Catch (which isn’t really a catch at all)

Whilst the app itself is free to download, the use of music streaming requires a $3.99/month subscription to the Ubuntu One music service, which entitles you to20GB ofstoragespace. A free months trial is also available should you be interested but not yet sold on the service.

Ubuntu One Music | App Store

The Android version of the Ubuntu One Music application is already available from the Android Market.
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