Control Centre for KDE Plasma

Like the look of the macOS and iOS control centre and want something similar for your KDE Plasma desktop?

Check out ‘Control Centre‘. This is a new third-party Plasma widget directly “inspired” by Apple’s oft-lauded toggle n’ settings hub.

It’s not a 1:1 clone, and a (current) lack of interface transitions makes the experience of using it feel blunter than Apple’s version — but hey: it’s a promising start.

Using Control Center you can interact with:

  • Wired and wireless network
  • Bluetooth
  • Do not disturb
  • Night color
  • Light/darm mode
  • Volume
  • Display brightness
  • MRPIS media controls

I should note that while network option pages through so you can swap between different wi-fi networks and wired connections, the Bluetooth option doesn’t do this, it just toggles Bluetooth on and off.

A small selection of settings allow you to show/hide some of the available modules, as well as define two custom commands you can trigger with a click. You can also pick a custom icon to use in the panel, should the default ‘settings’ glyph used not match your preferences.

The KDE Control Centre widget is free, open source add-on for the KDE Plasma desktop. You can grab it from the KDE Store direct or (recommended) install it from the Add Widgets > Get New Widgets dialog. Do keep in mind that this widget is under active development and may not be totally stable, all of the time — FYI!

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