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OMG! Replacement coloured indicator message alert icons for Lucid

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

With Ubuntu 10.04 adding a puke coloured new message alert to the indicator applet many of you will be seeking alternatives.

Seek no more.

The icons (right) come in all main Tango! colours as well as one awesome Ubuntu Aubergine coloured one for the brand-obsessed contingent.

The latter, I must say, does look mighty awesome when used with the Ubuntu Radiance theme:

Plum with Ambiance is pretty swell, too.


link broken


  • Hit alt+f2 and type ‘gksu nautilus’
  • Navigate to the icon theme directory you’re using in
  • ‘usr/share/icons/‘ and either ‘ubuntu-mono-light‘ or ‘ubuntu-mono-dark’.
  • Enter the ‘status/22/‘ directory
  • Extract the downloaded tarball and choose your preferred coloured icon
  • RENAME it to just ‘indicator-messages-new.svg’ before moving.
  • Move it. :)


Every update to the Indicator applet will replace these icons so be prepared to keep reinstalling them every so-often.

Props to the dude who created these for OMG! readers but doesn’t wish to be credited.