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This App Will Tidy Your Ubuntu Desktop In a Single Click

Want to tidy your Linux desktop in a single click? Well, with the nifty panel applet we’re spotlighting today you can do exactly that! Some of us treat the desktop as a sacred space, somewhere to be kept immaculately tidy, and house […]

12 December 2016

2 Handy ‘Places’ Indicators for the Ubuntu Unity Desktop

If you miss the old Places menu that Ubuntu used to shipped with here are 2 indicator applets that bring it back to the Ubuntu desktop.

20 November 2016

WindowSpy Lets You Preview an App Running in Another Workspace

If you've been longing for the ability to preview an app running on one workspace while you're using another, check out the WindowsSpy indicator applet.

17 November 2016

Find Files Faster with Recent Files Indicator Applet

Recent Files Indicator sits in your panel and gives you access to recently used files, saving you the need to navigate or search using Nautilus.

14 November 2016
budgie remix indicator applet support

Budgie Desktop Picks Up Indicator Applet Support

Nimble GNOME-based Budgie desktop environment has gained support for indicator applets. A raft of well-known software, including Dropbox, Skype and Clementine, use indicator applets to provide tray-based access to various features, info and options. A swathe of indicator-only third-party […]

6 November 2016
space view indicator for Ubuntu

Keep An Eye On Your Disks With SpaceView for Ubuntu

This site seems to have a thing for disk space menu bar apps of late. Joe even misquoted a well-known saying in a recent post, noting that “you wait ages for one disk usage indicator to arrive, and then […]

28 October 2016
penguin usb thumb drive

Indicator Diskman Makes It Easy to Manage Drives & Partitions on Ubuntu

What’s that well-known saying? Ahh yes, you spend ages waiting for one nifty little partition/drive mounting indicator to turn up …and then two arrive at once! But hey, choice is what’s Linux is all about, right? Indicator Diskman Indicator […]

18 October 2016
new udisks indicator release

Nifty Partition Mount Indicator for Ubuntu Gets Even Niftier

A new version of udisks-indicator, a drive partition tool for the Ubuntu desktop, is now available to download. it features an improved GUI and new options.

9 October 2016

Quickly Paste Frequently Used Text With This Indicator Applet

Are there chunks of text you regularly use? ASCII artwork you often send? Long terminal commands you traditionally type out in full?

3 October 2016

Udisks Indicator Makes Monitoring and Mounting Drives Easy on Ubuntu

Want to get quick, at-a-glance details about your connected drives while on Ubuntu? A new indicator applet aims to help. UDisks-Indicator is a small panel-based applet that shows disk usage information about mounted partitions. It’s being […]

28 September 2016
sound switcher applet for ubuntu

Indicator Sound Switcher Makes Switching Audio Devices on Ubuntu a Snap

Indicator Sound Switcher makes it easy to switch between multiple audio input and output devices on the Ubuntu desktop.

26 September 2016

Simple Weather Indicator for Ubuntu Now Has Its Own PPA

A new version of the 'no frills' weather indicator that I use on my Ubuntu desktop is available to download — and it finally has a PPA.

21 September 2016