UDisk’s new Release

A new version of udisks-indicator is available to download.

The latest version of the handy applet, which lets you quickly view information about your mounted partitions from the menu area, adds improved visual indicators and an improved layout.

We first introduced you to the tool back in September.

As mentioned in our original post, Udisks-indicator is inspired by the iStat Menu 3 utility for macOS.

And in its latest release it does a far better job of mimicking iStat, thanks to new graphical new usage bars, and additional partition information and iconography, thereby improving the “glance-ability” aspect.

“The indicator now has much prettier and more configurable user interface, although it has been achieved within limitations of app indicator API,” the developer of the tool, Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy says of this release.

The indicator menu shows the following data about mounted drives, as listed in this in order. Bold items are new to the v2.0 release:

  • Partition
  • Alias ( if set by user )
  • Disk Drive to which partition belongs
  • Mountpoint of the partition ( directory )
  • Filesystem format (e.g., EXT4)
  • Usage in percent and human readable format
  • Usage bar

As before, clicking on any mounted partition listed in the indicator menu will open that partition’s mount point in your default file manager.

The “Unmounted Partitions” menu lets you quickly see which partitions are available to mount, and lets you mount them with a single click. In addition, the indicator will now throw out a native notification bubble if there any mount errors are detected.

A new Preferences section allows you to disable certain fields that you don’t wish to see (e.g., Alias, Mountpoint). This, Sergiy notes, lets “[keep] the indicator menu clean if there is a large amount of partitions attached.”

Download & Install uDisks Indicator on Ubuntu 16.04 +

Udisks-Indicator is available to download from Github, and install through a package (see below) or using its new, official PPA. 

Download uDisks-Indicator v2.0 for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Once installed launch the indicator through the Unity Dash (or equivalent application menu).

Bug reports should be filed on Github. 

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