Udisks Indicator

Want to get quick, at-a-glance details about your connected drives while on Ubuntu?

A new indicator applet aims to help.

UDisks-Indicator is a small panel-based applet that shows disk usage information about mounted partitions.

It’s being developed by the creator of the (very handy) Unity Launcher List indicator.

Udisks Indicator is inspired by the iStat Menu 3 menulet, a small drive menu applet for macOS.

Mounted drive entries show the following information in uDisks Indicator:

istat menu 3 techradar
The inspiration
  • Partition
  • Alias ( if set by user )
  • Disk Drive to which partition belongs
  • Mountpoint of the partition ( directory )
  • % Usage

Clicking on a partition entry opens that partition’s mount point in the default file manager (which on Ubuntu is Nautilus).

You can sift through to the “Unmounted Partitions” menu to see a list of all partitions not currently mounted by the system. To mount an entry in this sub-menu you simply click on it!

The indicator applet uses a standard system icon that will vary depending on on the icon theme in use.

Download & Try

A “first working release of the indicator” is available to download from Github. This v1.0 release, Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy says, provides ‘basic functionality’, including listing of partition details and mounting.

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