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‘Habits’ App Measures Mouse Distance & How Many Keys You Press a Day

Do you know how many keys you press a day, or how far your mouse has travelled recently? Habits is a free app for Linux that tells you this and more.

10 February 2020

This Handy Nvidia Optimus Linux Tool Makes Switching Between GPUs Easy

If you’re using Nvidia Optimus on Linux you switch between discrete and integrated graphics using the ‘mate-optimus’ utility. This panel-based applet even supports the Nvidia PRIME offloading feature included in the latest NVIDIA 435.x Linux […]

8 September 2019

Sending SMS from Linux Just Got Easier with Latest Indicator KDE Connect Update

Indicator KDE Connect now has Google Contacts integration, making it even easier to send text messages from the Linux desktop.

28 April 2017

Indicator DOOM Gives Your Ubuntu Desktop the Badass CPU Monitor It Deserves

Bored of traditional CPU monitors for Ubuntu? Level up with this muscle-bound alternative inspired by the video game DOOM.

21 March 2017
get lyrics menu

Get Lyrics for Any Song on Spotify with this Ubuntu App (Updated)

It’s been several months since Spotify removed the lyrics function from it’s apps, and it shows no signs of returning soon. If you liked being able to tap a button to instantly see lyrics for the currently playing song, we’ve […]

19 March 2017
gnome shell indicators

How To Use Indicator Applets on GNOME Shell

You can see, use and integrate Indicator Applets with GNOME Shell using a single GNOME extension. Once enabled, it's hard to know to spot the difference!

17 March 2017

Indicator Bulletin is a Searchable Clipboard Manager for Ubuntu

Clipboard managers are ten a penny on Linux, and you likely have your favourites. But if you’ve been looking for a searchable clipboard manager, check out Indicator Bulletin. Indicator Bulletin is a simple clipboard manager written in Python […]

13 March 2017
todo.txt indicator applet running on Ubuntu

Todo.txt Indicator for Ubuntu Helps You Get Stuff Done

If you manage your to-to list with a plaintext Todo.txt file this indicator applet may help you keep on top of your tasks. Sure, there are plenty of web-based clients, sticky note widgets, and feature-packed desktop task managers offering […]

8 March 2017
KDE connect love eyes

6 Reasons Why I Love Using KDE Connect on Ubuntu

I love using KDE Connect on Ubuntu with the app's indicator applet. It's the easiest way to connect my Android phone to my Linux desktop.

14 February 2017

KDE Connect Indicator Now Lets You Send SMS from the Ubuntu Desktop

Want to send SMS messages from the Ubuntu desktop? Well, now you can as Indicator KDE Connect has been updated to support sending SMS from the desktop.

29 January 2017

How to Install KDE Connect on Ubuntu 16.04 ‘Xenial Xerus’

Using KDE Connect on Ubuntu you can send files from your phone to your Ubuntu PC, see Android notifications, sync clipboard and a whole lot more.

4 January 2017
Spotify Notify-OSD

Never Miss a Desktop Notification Again With This Indicator

Hate missing desktop notifications on Ubuntu? Well, with the Recent Notifications indicator you don’t need to. This handy tool collects and collates all desktop notifications you receive, regardless of whether you see them or not. Then, with […]

18 December 2016