Latest Icon Changes in Raring

File manager Nautilus and system utility Software Updater have been given new icons in the recent updates to Ubuntu 13.04.

‘Nautilus’ changes from a sole folder icon to an opened file cabinet that is full of folders – quite literally a file manager. Whether intentional or not, the subtle implication is one of greater space and more varied contents.

The Update Manager Software Updater emblem switches from a rather nondescript ‘package with upwards arrow’ to something more befitting: a circular dual-arrow round, reflecting the continual notion of app updates.

These changes aren’t unexpected, having been revealed, along with the new ‘BFB’ (ubuntu) button, late last year.

3 down, 1 to go

With these two new icons joining the updated BFB, there is just one updated item to arrive in Raring: an update Software Center icon.

This is expected to arrive in the coming days, along with a flurry of criticism over the ‘A’ shown on its front…


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