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BURG fan? Put your talents to work and help create this theme

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Bored? Nothing better to do? Why not help out Manu Järvinen who mailed us a plea for help on turning his rather swish BURG theme idea into a boot loading beauty.

“I am a designer who does not like to code. But what I do like is to design. So I designed some graphics for a BURG bootloader theme. And now I need help from someone to make it real. And, since I am a designer, I don’t like to write either. So as I want to learn Gimp, I made a couple of slides to tell everyone what I need.”

We’re always keen to help out – particularly when something as sexy as this is at stake – so follow the prompts below to get clued up, get the tools and get started!

Download the BURG theme graphics here.

“In the package there is also Gimp file of the icons. All you designers can do anything you want with them. Maybe even design another BURG bootloader theme, who knows.”

For reference here’s the theme on it’s own. “This is how it should look like when you boot up your computer:” says Manu, continuing “if more than one person wants to tackle this offer, I encourage [you] all to collaborate together in order to achieve the best possible result (especially for making that rounded loading bar possible! :)”Manu finishes of his mail to us with this little beau: 

“And here’s a mockup of what I would love to see the BURG becoming in the future. [note: yes, they are very little compressed jpgs (high quality, high filesize, not-so-web-comfortable), but please keep them that way. Otherwise the gradient color banding would be too visible – especially on a laptop screen – which would look UG-LY]”

Over to you guys!