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Help design a new Ubuntu 10.10 countdown banner

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

In a post to the Ubuntu-Art mailing list Canonical’s Matthew Nuzum has opened the call for this cycles ‘countdown banner’ submissions.

A design already submitted by Immanuel Peratoner 
“As in past releases we’d like to create a new count down banner for syndication across the web. If you want to make a highly visible contribution to Ubuntu, this is your chance.” 

“Around the same time that Maverick Beta launches it is our intention to release a banner that says something like “32 more days until Ubuntu 10.10” Each day the banner will decrease by one until release day which is on the 10th of October when it will it will say “It’s almost here” (or similar). Then when the release is ready it will announce “it’s here!””

Users can get involved by submitting a set of images they think suitably embody Ubuntu 10.10 and the ‘social from the start’ message that 10.10 seems to, once again, be going for.

“The community and Canonical staff will choose the official banners and maybe give some guidance in case a change is needed to polish it up.”


  • Width 180px, Height 150px
  • No flash, no PHP
  • Try to steer clear of Meerkat graphics
Other ways to approach it… 
Matthew Nuzum did express interest in contributors developing countdown ‘widgets’ for the Android homescreen and a Facebook ‘block’ similar to that used during the 10.04 cycle. 

Tuesday, Augst 24th. 

Attach your designs to the countdown banner wiki page @