Time is running out for an innovative new video editor inspired by collaborative distribution tools like bzr and git to gather enough ‘crowd-sourced’ funding to make it into reality.

Called Novacut the editor wants to introduce  the ability for members of a production team to collaboratively edit video from wherever they are while working on the same version of the source files.

“Such an editor will help artists reduce costs, work faster, and collaborate with the right people. Such an editor will help independent TV and film succeed. We want artists to win!”

And they only have 40 hours left to raise their target of $25, 000.


The project has so-far raised an impressive $5,646 but as the project uses the Kickstarter ‘all-or-nothing’ crowd funding platform they risk not getting anything.

Their page explains the premise: –

“If you back our project, you wont be charged anything until October 1st, and then only if we have raised the entire $25,000 we need. If we fall even a penny short, you don’t get charged anything (and we don’t get anything).”

Does raising an extra $20, 000 seem like a tall mountain? It isn’t. If everyone who reads this article in the next 40 hours – donates just $1 they’ll be home and dry.

Whadda y’say – you’ve something to gain or nothing to lose.

Thanks to Akshat

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