Web – GNOME’s Default Browser

Google has been replaced by DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in GNOME’s web-browser Web, developers have announced today.

Citing better privacy features and capable performance – not to mention GNOME getting a slice of revenue generated from searches made using the browser – GNOME’s Claudio Saavedra says the switch ‘makes sense‘ for GNOME users.

But the change, which is sure to draw  as much praise as it will ‘criticism’, will be bother reversable and temporary – at least for now. The team intend to ‘evaluate’ the move based on feedback

‘Our users will naturally have an impact on [whether we keep it as default]’, Saavedra explains on his blog. 

Unless you’re using a bleeding edge copy of Web you won’t be affected by this move quite yet. It will debut in September’s release of Web 3.10 (alongside GNOME 3.10).

In the mean time head over Claudio Saavedra’s blog for an in-depth run-down of the reasons behind the switch:

 Claudio Saavedra’s Blog Post on DuckDuckGo 

If you’re avid user of DuckDuckGo you might be interested to know that there are several ‘!bangs’ for helping you find content here on OMG! Ubuntu!:

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