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First Look: Major Design Changes Planned for GNOME 40

GNOME developers have unveiled an ambitious set of UX changes they hope to implement in GNOME 40. We take a closer look at the proposed redesign.

20 December 2020
Classic Mode

Essential Guide: How to Enable GNOME Classic Mode on Ubuntu

We show you how to unlock the hidden GNOME Classic Mode in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above. The Classic session sports a traditional app menu, task bar and more.

26 June 2019
Ubuntu 19.04 yaru theme icons

At Last, GNOME Shell! At Long La…

Development work on GNOME Shell may finally resolve a long-standing issue with truncated app titles in the 'Applications Overview' grid screen.

5 May 2019
Ubuntu mouse by Shannon Black

A Small Unity Feature Missing in GNOME Shell [Video]

A world of change is headed to Ubuntu as the distro switches from Unity to GNOME Shell. Long time Unity users accustomed to the workflow, feature set and quirks of Ubuntu’s incumbent releases will need […]

9 August 2017
Ubuntu GNOME Shell mockup

That Sleek Ubuntu Desktop Mockup Is Now A Real Working Theme

Jovan Petrović's stunning Ubuntu 18.04 desktop concept is now a real working theme for GNOME Shell, and it's available for you to download.

14 April 2017
gnome shell indicators

How To Use Indicator Applets on GNOME Shell

You can see, use and integrate Indicator Applets with GNOME Shell using a single GNOME extension. Once enabled, it's hard to know to spot the difference!

17 March 2017
gnome extensions preferences

How To Use the Hidden GNOME Shell Extensions Prefs App

Did you know that GNOME Shell hides a really useful GNOME Extensions configuration app? The gnome-shell-extension-prefs utility lets you configure and tweak preferences of your favourite GNOME extensions without needing to go to the ‘Installed Extensions’ page of the official […]

19 February 2017

‘Simple Dock’ GNOME Shell Extension Puts Your Fave Apps On The Desktop

Simple Dock is a GNOME Shell extension that puts a handy application launcher and task switch right where you can see it: on the desktop.

13 July 2014

How To Add Extra Category Folders to the Gnome-Shell Dashboard

Want to make the GNOME Shell app launcher a little tidier? This post will walk you though the process of adding category folders to the overlay dashboard.

23 May 2013

Improved Notifications, Smooth Scrolling Heading to GNOME Shell 3.7

With version 3.6 released –and in the Ubuntu in the repositories– GNOME Shell 3.7 paves the way for 3.8, receiving much attention with the 'Every Detail Matters' initiative.

23 January 2013

An ‘OMG! Ubuntu!’ GNOME Shell Theme

Reader Ryan Davies dropped this little treat in my inbox recently - a GNOME-Shell theme based on the design of this very website!

21 November 2012
Placeholder koala image

[How To] Add a Unity-like Dash to GNOME Shell

Several months back we posted a preview of a new ‘Dash’ like extension for GNOME-Shell. That extension, renamed ‘Bolt’ (a play on the word ‘Dash’), is now available for the GNOME Shell users amongst you […]

30 May 2012