7 More Useful GNOME-Shell Extensions

It’s been almost a week since GNOME launched a public alpha of their handy ‘extensions’ site – which makes adding extra functionality to the GNOME-Shell desktop a wheeze.

We highlighted five handy extensions before the weekend, but those were taken from the handful of extensions that were uploaded at the time.

Since then even more have been added. Below are some screenshots, witterings and all important download links…

New GNOME 3 Notification Designs

GNOME designer Allan Day has uploaded a new proposal for the handling of system and application notifications in GNOME 3.

His ‘Notifications Redux’ design proposes moving notifications to the lower-left hand side of the screen. Most of GNOME’s current notification features are maintained, including urgency, actions, and hiding.

Ubuntu 11.10 GNOME Shell Guide

Ubuntu 11.10 finally provides the curious users with an easy, safe way to install and try out ‘GNOME Shell’ – the new desktop interface from GNOME.

In this guide we’ll show you how to install GNOME-Shell, learn the basic layout of its desktop, as well as learn some super handy tips to make using it that little bit easier…