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Flatpak Update Enhances OpenGL Driver Support

The latest stable update to Flatpak, the distro-agnostic, decentralised, and open-source application packaging and distribution format  Flatpak 0.8.3 provides OpenGL support that will allow Flatpak apps to work with so-called “out-of-tree” OpenGL drivers, like Nvidia’s, out […]

15 February 2017
kde neon

KDE Neon to Support Snap Apps in Plasma Discover

Ubuntu-based KDE Neon is one the Linux distros we’re most excited for this year — and with good reason. The distro combines the stability of Ubuntu’s latest LTS foundations with the latest (and, if you want […]

10 February 2017
flatpak tux in a box

Firefox Developer Edition Gets Flatpak’d

Some great news for fans of distro-agnostic app distribution: Firefox Developer Edition is now available to install as a Flatpak!

5 January 2017
gnome recipes

Yum! GNOME Recipes is a New Cooking App for Linux

GNOME Recipes is a desktop app that allows you to search for, browse through, follow, and also submit recipes for meals, snacks and crafty kitchen creations.

7 December 2016
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Flatpak Unboxes Major Changes In Its Latest Release

A big update to Flatpak, the fledgling Linux application distribution framework, has been released.

25 October 2016
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LibreOffice 5.2 Released, This Is What’s New

LibreOffice 5.2 downloads are now available and see the office suite add a raft of new features including a single toolbar mode for Writer.

3 August 2016
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I Guess I Should Write About Flatpak, But I’m Finding It Hard To

I’m two large soya lattes into my day and I’m yet to write anything about the “hot topic” of the moment: Flatpak. So, I’ve decided to go rogue. I’m going to write for the sake […]

22 June 2016