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Flatpak is a new app distribution framework

The latest stable update to Flatpak, the distro-agnostic, decentralised, and open-source application packaging and distribution format 

Flatpak 0.8.3 provides OpenGL support that will allow Flatpak apps to work with so-called “out-of-tree” OpenGL drivers, like Nvidia’s, out of the box.

“In addition to the regular list of bugfixes, this stable release include backports of the updated OpenGL support from master. This, in combination with the work in the runtime, allows flatpak to work out of the box with out-of-tree OpenGL drivers, including the nvidia driver,” Redhat’s Alexander Larsson explains in the Flatpak 0.8.3 release notes.

By providing updated OpenGL support in Flatpak, users of AMDGPU-PRO and NVIDIA cloud-source drivers can (emphasis on could, as this stuff is all still finding its feet) better utilise OpenGL-using apps, games, and tools distributed via Flatpak.

The addition is part of work Larsson has been doing to make Flatpak work better with graphics libraries, including the ability to ship nvidia driver wrappers without redistributing the actual binaries.

Flatpak 0.8.3 is available to download as from the Flatpak GitHub page. The update is also available to install/upgrade from the official Flatpak PPA, which supports both Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Ubuntu 16.10.