If you like the look of the overall look of the Adwaita theme that the GNOME uses with but don’t like the size of its title bars, here’s a theme that may be of interest.

It’s called Minwaita and it’s a fairly straight-forward fork of GNOME’s default Adwaita theme fixing the theme’s biggest issue: the generously padded buttons, switches, header bars and titles bars.

You can see the difference between the stock Adwaita theme and the fork in this graphic:

minwaita vs adwaita
Top: Adwaita; Bottom: Minwaita Vanilla

Tidier, right?

The developer of Minwaita describes it as a “tweaked, more compact version of Adwaita with new window control buttons for a sleeker, more vanilla GNOME look”, a description that is fairly on the nose.

The rest of Minwaita (and it’s variants, which we’ll get to) is basically the stock Adwaita on a diet, e.g., buttons, sliders, progress bars, gradients, highlight accent colour, etc, all appear as they should.

And, like the regular version, there’s a dark version available too:

minwaita dark theme

Download Minwaita Theme

Minwaita is an open-source GTK theme designed to work with GNOME 3.22 and later. The latest version is available to download from Github or GNOME-Look.org:

Download Minwaita Theme

You’ll notice there are three versions available. The difference between them is in the style of window control buttons. “Minwaita” uses window controls from the Vertex theme; “Minwaita Vanilla” uses window controls from the standard Adwaita theme, and “Minwaita OS X“uses traffic light coloured window pips.

Minwaita Vanilla and Minwaita OS X
Minwaita Vanilla / Minwaita / Minwaita OS X

To install the theme once you have downloaded it, just right click on and extract the archive. Inside the extracted folder you’ll find a number of directories. Move these to ~/.themes.

Finally, to change GTK theme, use the GNOME Tweak Tool.

gnome tweak tool appearance section

If you’re using GNOME Shell you can also apply the optional Minwaita GNOME Shell theme(s)

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