Having read about the Pomodoro Technique for ‘training your brain away from distractions‘ on Lifehacker I wanted to try it out. Toeffectivelydo so I needed a timer.

ThankfullyI needed to look no further than my faithful dock Docky.

Docky added a Timer docklet t it’s development branch little while back (PPA here). Since then I’d mainly been using it to keep track of how long veggiesausageshad been in the oven etc. Stumbling across the Pomodoro technique married the docklet with a new purpose: productivity!

What’s this Pomodoro technique all about? Put simply the Pomodoro technique teaches you to break down periods of work into 25minutechunks, via the use of a timer, with subscribers taking a 5 minute ‘break’ in-between those chunks.

Like so: –

  1. Choose a task
  2. Set a timer for 25 minutes
  3. Work on that task until the timer goes off
  4. Take a 5 minute break
  5. Repeat.
It’s suggested that forevery four “pomodoros” task-ees take a longer break of around 15-20 minutes.
Using the Timer Docklet
The new Timer docklet in Docky is perfect for this. To set a timer for 25 minutes you need to do the following (havingfirst enabled the docklet, of course).
  1. Hover over the Timer docklet icon and use the mouse scroll wheel to set a timer for 25 minutes (You can use the CTRL to adjust hours and shift to adjustminutes.)
  2. Once you have set 25 minutes click on the timer icon to spawn the timer
  3. When prepped click on the new timer to start the countdown.
Thanks to Seif Sallam
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