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latte dock

Latest Latte Dock Development Release Adds Floating Panels

The Latte Dock v0.10 development release adds floating panel support and two new visibility modes, letting you add an iOS-style dock to KDE Plasma desktop.

27 December 2019
latte dock

Latte Dock 0.9 Brings More Bling to the KDE Plasma Desktop

A brand new version of Latte Dock, an application launcher and task switcher for the KDE Plasma desktop, is now available for download.

29 July 2019
latte dock

Latte Dock 0.8 Released with Widget Separators, Setup Sharing, More

A new version of Latte Dock, an icon-based task bar for the KDE desktop, is available to download. Latte Dock 0.8 is the first stable release of the app switching software in almost a year and is […]

18 July 2018
latte dock

Latte Dock 0.7 Promises to be a Big Release

Latte Dock is a really neat desktop dock app (and a whole lot more) for the KDE Plasma desktop — now it's about to get a whole heap o' beans better.

30 June 2017
plank desktop dock

How to Add Folders to Plank, the Popular Linux Dock

It's easy to add folders to Plank, the popular Linux desktop dock app. Just drag and drop a folder full of files, photos or app shortcuts to the dock.

19 May 2017
latte dock

The Best KDE Plasma Dock App Is Now Stable

KDE dock app Latte Dock has made its first stable release. The stylish desktop dock supports Plasma 5.8 and above and is available from the KDE Store.

2 April 2017
latte dock

Latte Dock for KDE Desktops Is a Slick Plasma Panel Replacement

I rarely (if ever) see dock apps running on KDE desktops — but that could be about to change. Latte Dock is a new desktop dock for KDE. Think Plank but for Plasma. It’s more than an […]

15 March 2017
plank desktop dock

3 Awesome Themes For Plank, The Linux Dock App

Plenty of people use the desktop dock Plank on their Linux desktop — and for good reason. Plank is a nimble, customisable desktop dock for Linux desktops. It supports Unity quick lists, app badging (aka ‘unread counts’), and […]

26 September 2016
plank desktop dock

How to Add a Slick Dock to Your Ubuntu Desktop

Plank, one of our favourite dock applications for Linux, received a sizeable update last month, adding long-wished-for features and a healthy splat of bug fixes.

6 January 2015

‘Simple Dock’ GNOME Shell Extension Puts Your Fave Apps On The Desktop

Simple Dock is a GNOME Shell extension that puts a handy application launcher and task switch right where you can see it: on the desktop.

13 July 2014
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Two Neat Themes For Dock App ‘Plank’

If you're crazy enough to be running the still-in-development elementary dock application 'Plank' you may be longing to make a break from the minimal theme it ships with. To help here are two slick themes for use with it...

23 June 2011
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Window switcher DockbarX adds media player buttons, Dock Helpers

The latest release of Window management applet 'DockBarX' has been released, adding in media player control for all music players that use MPRIS2 (I.e. any that show up in the Ubuntu Sound Menu).

6 February 2011