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DockBarX updates with new look

GNOME panel applet 'DockbarX' has been updated with a brand new look

8 December 2010
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ADeskBar – A lightweight and gorgeous GNOME panel replacement

Bored of drab panels and dull docks? Want something a different, lighter and new to play with? Why not try the very capable ADeskBar?

25 November 2010
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How to fully replace your GNOME panels with AWN

Long to ditch the old-skool GNOME panels and rock it with a dock and some bling? A very nice reader by the handle of sub7i dropped off a tutorial detailing exactly how you can achieve this. Everything you need is provided behind the read more link...

9 September 2010
dock for Gnome Shell

Dock extension for GNOME Shell

If there's one aspect of Gnome Shell that many users don't like it's the inability to switched between windows as quickly as that of a traditional taskbar or dock. With the following extension by a developer called Torb you can easily add a dock-like bar to the right-side of your screen that gives you this & more.

3 September 2010
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You choose the best Dock for Ubuntu [Poll]

This weeks OMG! Vote is on everyone’s favourite panel replacers – Docks! Before your raise your hand in favour of one here’s a quite rundown of the entries… Docky Formerly part of launcher application ‘Do’, […]

20 April 2010
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AWN 0.4.0 released; serious docky contender?

The latest ” and arguably greatest ” version of desktop dock application AWN has been released. This version sees a massive array of new features and improvements ” largely down to the complete re-write this […]

12 April 2010
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Quick AWN 0.4 Overview – Panel Mode, Applets, Intellihide

AWN is a dock-like window and launcher manager for Linux. But you already know that, right? Evolution AWN 0.4. is the next major version due for release and is currently in beta for people desperate […]

5 December 2009