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Latte Dock is a really neat desktop dock app (and a whole lot more) for the KDE Plasma desktop.

Nimble, featured and customisable, the app has proven pretty popular with Plasma fans since its first stable release back in April.

And now it’s about to get a whole heap o’ beans better.

Latte Dock 0.7: a veritable gold roast of features

Latte Dock 0.7 is the next major release of the dock application, currently scheduled for release in late August. The release will be compatible with Plasma 5.9 (and up) and Qt 5.7.

Among one of the (many) features planned is the ability to export and import dock layouts. The app already includes 5 layouts, but by making configurations more portable it will encourage and inspire creativity from users crafting bespoke set-ups they then want to share.

Dock transparency will be set on a per-dock basis, and it will be possible to disable the panel shadow.

Unity fans will be pleased to hear that global shortcuts are on the way too, including Super + {num} launching, along with support for libtaskmanager from lib unity to show progress bars and count badges on dock items.

Other notable changes planned include:

  • Increase/decrease volume using mouse scroll wheel
  • ‘Copy dock’ option
  • Ability to sync app launchers between multiple docks
  • Initial Wayland support

Promising stuff!

While we wait for these features to steep why not try the latest stable release of Latte Dock on your desktop right now? If you’re running Plasma 5.9 you just need to add the Latte Dock PPA.

If you really dig what Latte Dock’s developers are doing you can “pledge” to the project with some monetary motivation @
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