Screenshot of Latte Dock

A brand new version of Latte Dock, an application launcher and task switcher for the KDE Plasma desktop, is now available for download.

Latte Dock v0.9 is the first update to the app this year, and follows a succession of alpha and beta releases.

As such, all of the new features Latte Dock 0.9 boasts have been thoroughly tested by the dock’s die-hard user base — including:-

  • Dock colour can change based on active window
  • Selection of new ‘Running Indicator’ styles, including Unity
  • Support for multiple layouts in different Plasma Activities
  • Support for sharing dock layouts
  • Various ‘settings’ usability tweaks
  • Live editing mode
  • Improved dock badges, including 3D design
  • Ability to enable persistent shortcut badges
  • Bug fixes

Do you want a better look at all of the above? Of course you do — so the Latte Dock developers have duly obliged by creating this slick promo video to pimp the new release:-

You can download Latte Dock 0.9 from the KDE website, Phabricator, and the KDE Store.

Do note that Latte Dock 0.9 requires Qt 5.9 or later, and Plasma 5.12 and up.

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