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Two Neat Themes For Dock App ‘Plank’

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

If you’re crazy enough to be running the still-in-development dock application ‘Plank’ you may be longing to make a break from the minimal theme it ships with.

To help, here are two rather different themes you can install.

Minimalistic theme for Plank

‘Minimalistic’ by DeviantArt user ~me40slav is is a subtle iterative change from the default theme Plank comes with, sporting curvier edges and a darker panel colour.


Pantheon theme

‘Pantheon’ theme for Plank, by an elementary project member Cassidy James, is more traditionally dock shaped than the default ‘plank’ theme.


How to install a theme in Plank

Installing themes in Plank is, given the development nature, not as easy as clicking a button.

  • First download your chosen theme and extract it
  • Open your Home folder
  • Press CTRL+H to reveal hidden folders
  • Navigate into the ‘.config’ folder, followed by the ‘Plank’ folder
  • Move your extracted Theme folder to this location, replacing the current theme folders