A couple of new Star Trek-esque effects have been added to the ‘Burn my Windows’ GNOME Shell extension.

If you’ve not yet heard about this bling-tactic add-on, it animates closing windows (and optionally dialogs) in some spectacularly over the top ways — just like Compiz of old.

Burn My Windows 8 is available from the GNOME Extensions website and it adds there new effects.

‘Energize A’ disperses your windows in a flurry of sci-fi particles:

Energize A effect

‘Energize B’ dispatches your windows and dialogs in a way that reminds of the famous Star Trek transporter:

Energize B effect

The new ‘Wisp’ effects is described as ‘carrying your windows to the realm of dreams’:

Wisp effect

As with all effects available in this extension you can configure each effects to suit your tastes by altering the animation time, colour, scale, falloff, and more.

There are now 7 distinctive window closing effects to choose from. If you find it hard to settle on a favourite take advantage of the new ‘random’ settings. Just select multiple effects from Burn my Windows settings panel and when you close a window (and a dialog, if you enable that function) an effect will be selected at random:

Why choose one when you can have them ALL?!

In addition to the delights above the extension’s source code has undergone “major refactoring“. The aim of this is to make adding new effects easier (for which a new guide on creating new effects has been created).

As always, this extension is totally optional and created to add some fun to the desktop. If you want to opt-in to the ocular OTT-ness just hit up the GNOME Extensions listing — just be aware that some of the included effects require GNOME 40 or above.

Burn My Windows on GNOME Extensions

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