New effects and options are included in the latest release of the ‘Burn my Windows’ GNOME Shell extension.

The effervescent animation add-on has won itself a legion of fans thanks to its crop of cool animated window closing effects that look good and aren’t super-heavy on system resources.

In its latest update, a ‘Breaking Glass’ effect has been appended to add-on’s animation armoury, albeit only for GNOME 40 and above. As with other effect there are controls to adjust animation time, scale, gravity, and “blow force”. You can also choose to make the window shatter from the location of the mouse pointer, for some added reality.

‘Burn My Windows’ v10 also adds a much-requested feature: the ability to pick animation(s) to apply to opening windows (on GNOME 40 and above):

animated gif of burn my windows gnome extension on ubuntu 21.10
Opening animation, and new ‘breaking glass’ effect

The Matrix animation (set as the window opening animation in the .gif above) now has a Vertical Overshooting’ option to add “variation to the start and end position of letter drops”. If you really like the Matrix effect you’ll definitely want to have a poke around with this.

Finally, a new “preview” button is available on the config page of each extension that allow you to preview an animation without having to first apply it and open/close a window, which is pretty handy:

You can now ‘preview’ effects before applying

‘Burn My Windows’ is an open source GNOME Shell extension whose source code is available on GitHub.

The easiest way to install the extension is to get it from the GNOME Extensions website. If you have an older version of this extensions installed your extension manager app should notify you of a pending update (which you may need to logout and back in to activate).

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