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Qt Twitter Client Choqok Has Squawked Back To Life

I’ve been listening to 2010 era pop punk all day so when I saw an update from Choqok in my RSS reader I legitimately had to double check the date. But after years (and I […]

6 February 2020
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Choqok Lives — Qt Twitter App Sees First Update in Over a Year

There's a brand new version of Qt Twitter app Choqok on the way — and it's loaded with new features.

7 August 2016
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Choqok 1.5 Lands With Twitter Fixes, Working Plugin

Whether you're an avid Twitterer or a big social groups user, the latest release of Qt microblogging client Choqok is a must have.

25 January 2015
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Qt Twitter App Choqok Refreshes Toolbar, Timeline

A new toolbar providing quick access to main features is one of the changes in the latest release of Qt Twitter app Choqok.

5 March 2012
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KDE Twitter App Choqok Asks What You Want to See Changed, Added and Improved

Users of Qt Twitter client Choqok now have the chance to tell developers what they want to see added and improved in the app.

27 February 2012
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KDE Twitter App Choqok Updates with New Look

Chirp, chirp: The very capable KDE twitter application Choqok is available for download. Sporting a redesigned interface and a nest full of minor fixes, it's worth upgrading.

13 November 2011
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KDE Twitter app Choqok 1.1 released; how to download

An update to Qt Twitter client 'Choqok' is now available for download. Now on version 1.1, the release contains a new translator plugin; a timeline filter to make reading tweets in your stream from a specific person or topic easier and a new option to hide the menu bar.

3 April 2011
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Choqok Twitter app hits 1.0 RC1, adds many new features

Time flies when you're.... tweeting... The first release candidate of Qt Twitter app Choqok has been released ahead of the formal 1.0 release date on December 26th.

7 December 2010
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Choqok 1.0 Beta 3 released – adds OAuth support

KDE twitter client Choqok has rolled out a new beta release with timely OAuth support to ensure Choqok users are able to continue using Twitter - which switches off API requests for non-OAuth applications today. Feature list after the jump.

1 September 2010
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Choqok 1.0 Beta2 released – adds nickname auto-completion, new image uploaders and Oauth support

The second beta of KDE twitter application Choqok sees release today. Along with an improved re-tweet function, nickname auto-completion & support for twitter’s OAuth system the application is a worthy upgrade for the brave and bold twitter-addicts out there. […]

15 August 2010
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Choqok Releases New Beta – Adds Twitpic, Better timelines, more

Earlier today we wrote about Twitter application Pino getting updated and today sees it joined by a new beta release of premier KDE twitter application ‘Choqok’. The main new features in this version are: – […]

7 March 2010