Chirp, chirp: The very capable KDE twitter application Choqok is available for download.

Choqok 1.2 introduces a new styled ‘vertical button strip’ to the left of the window which negates the need for the ‘two tabbed’ interface as seen in previous versions.

This button-bar can be un-themed, moved and resized by right-clicking on it.

The Choqok menubar can be “hidden” and replaced with a Chrome/Elementary style ‘button menu’. Ubuntu Unity users won’t notice much difference however, as the App Menu bar contains the menu regardless of whether this option is checked or not.

choqok menu button

Other changes: –

  • Ability to set custom fonts
  • statistics support for the shortening service
  • Better conversation view for
  • Bug fixes

Install/Download Choqok 1.2

Choqok 1.2 can be installed in Ubuntu 11.10 from Ferramosca Roberto’s Oneiric PPA:


Or by downloading the corresponding .Deb package from the PPA’s packages page.

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