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Choqok 1.5 Is Over a Year Old

Feed me cereal and call me a-maized: there’s a brand new version of Qt Twitter app Choqok on the way.

Choqok 1.6 Beta is the first update to the app in over a year and a half since the previous, and only the second, major update to the app in almost three years!

“We want to make this release more stable than ever and then we are going to release a beta today and the final version next month,” Choqok’s developers write in a recent blog post update.

Stability is going to be key for the app as the incumbent stable release is full of bugs caused, in part, by changes to the Twitter infrastructure that it hasn’t kept pace with.

As such the bulk of this beta update is made up of bug fixes, polish and updates to work with new Twitter functionality, like sending unlimited direct messages and quoting tweets.

Choqok 1.6 is also based on KDE Frameworks 5 and supports for the GNU Social network.

Choqok 1.6 Beta Changes Include:

  • Fix user list loading
  • Send unlimited character direct messages
  • Username and Hashtag search
  • Support for quote tweets
  • Support deleting direct messages
  • Show original retweet time
  • Always use HTTPS when available
  • Remove Twitpic, Tweetphoto plugins

For a fuller look at this build’s changes refer to the bug list on the KDE bug tracking system.

Download Choqok 1.6 Beta 2

Choqok 1.6 Beta source code can be downloaded from the project’s website on KDE @ this link.

Kubuntu users will, say Choqok’s developer, be able to install the beta from Addison’s Choqok PPA in the coming days.

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