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Ubuntu Phone in 2017

Bq, Makers of the First Ubuntu Phone, Have Gone Bust

Spanish phone company Bq found fame as maker of the first Ubuntu Phone to be sold at retail, but its Android-based business went under, recent filings show.

26 August 2021

Bq Say They “Don’t Have Any Plans” For New Ubuntu Phones

Bq say they "don't have any plans" for new Ubuntu Phones — but is this reason to be worried? We don't think so, and here's why.

7 August 2016

Are You Satisfied With Your Ubuntu Phone? (Poll)

Ubuntu OTA 12 will have completed its phased roll out by the time you read this, and feedback to the changes it brings will no doubt have begun to roll in. Now that we’re almost 18 months on from the launch […]

30 July 2016

And We’re Off: World’s First Ubuntu Tablet Is Now Shipping

Bq has begun shipping the world’s first Ubuntu tablet. Yes, if you pre-ordered one of the Ubuntu-powered slates from Bq last month you’ll want to keep an eye your email address over the coming days. […]

14 April 2016

Ubuntu Tablet Release Pushed Back? (Updated)

Bq has quietly pushed back the shipping date of its new M10 Ubuntu Edition tablet, which customers had been told would ship this week.

8 April 2016
Bq M10

Bq Confirm Ubuntu Tablet with Convergence is Coming

Bq has teased the Spanish technology press about its upcoming MWC2016 presence, confirming that an Ubuntu Tablet will be involved.

19 January 2016

Ubuntu Phone Is Now Available To Buy In India

Online retail giant Snapdeal the first major international retailer to stock the Ubuntu Phone, and offers the two Bq devices to India's enthusiastic tech crowd.

7 September 2015

Brand New Ubuntu Phone Goes on Sale Priced at €199

The Bq Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Phone is available to buy in Europe. It features a 5-inch IPS screen, nippy quad-core Mediatek CPU and 16GB storage.

9 June 2015

First Ubuntu Phone with ‘Convergence’ Is Being Made by Bq

The first Ubuntu Phone that will be capable of turning into a desktop PC will be made by Bq. A tentative launch date of October 2015 has been set for the convergence device, though this is likely […]

1 June 2015

This Brand New Ubuntu Phone Goes on Sale June 9th

Bq Readers will launch a second Ubuntu Phone, the Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Edition, on June 9. We've got all the specs, price and info you need.

1 June 2015

The Next Ubuntu Phone Flash Sale Is Feb 26

The next Ubuntu Phone flash sale will take place tomorrow February 26, Spanish mobile maker Bq has announced.

25 February 2015

Ubuntu Phone Sells Out During First Flash Sale

The Bq Ubuntu Phone went on sale this morning direct in Europe and as expected sold out — twice!

12 February 2015